A Star is Born (2020) – more of a rant than a review

A Star is Born (2020)


As if that embarrassing picture wasn’t enough to put me off ever watching this movie, throw in an intense (and maybe irrational but probably not) dislike of Bradley Cooper AND a film storyline that would induce me to fetch a sick bucket rather than popcorn and chocolatey snacks. Schmaltz. Life affirming nonsense, mortifying singing and facial expressions, utter twee romantic bollocks – what a load of crap shite.

Buuuuuuuuuut, BUT – A Star is Born was on over the Christmas holiday (two weeks off work) on BBC1 (no adverts) and my boyfriend and I had long since joked about watching it. To be honest, I think he wanted to watch it watch it. As in WATCH IT. Maybe I did a little bit too and we both joked about it and then it came on TV and we just said, shall we watch it?

We watched it.

In honesty I didn’t mind it. I do not think it’s a good film but it was okay for a one-time watch – something I must have said a million times over the years. I took the piss quite a bit too, which is always fun for me but maybe not so much for the person I’m watching with. I dunno – after two or three Pinots I think I’m Micky Flanagan.  

It started off OK actually. The introduction of Lady Gaga and the drag queen club etc – that was alright I suppose and then it just went and got really silly and apparently devoid of any decent writing or literally anything I could believe in.

(See this is why I prefer horror movies).

I mean, Dave Chapelle. He was such a good friend taking in the booze addled, red eyed and sweaty Bradley Cooper – who he scraped off the pavement outside his house. He then invited this druggy, self-deprecating loser to share breakfast with his family and then decided to arrange a wedding for him and Gaga – FOR THE SAME DAY! What the actual fuck. Absolutely ridiculous and we never see Chapelle his ‘best friend’ after that. Oh and the guitar string ring – PLEASE. Just……don’t.

I didn’t believe in any of it – which was a major buzzkill obviously. It all seemed too contrived, every cliché in the book – despite whether this fit with the storyline we had already been fed. I don’t think Bradley Cooper would have killed himself at the end. He made an extremely rash and quick decision about the most final decision anyone could make and it seemed to come from nowhere.

When he told the story in rehab about his attempted suicide as a kid, I did turn to boyfriend and joked ‘oh maybe he’ll kill himself at the end then’. But I genuinely never thought he really would! The way I saw his character, he was just a guy who liked a drink. A rock and roll, denim clad singer with permanent sunglasses and a guitar slung over his shoulder. Then suddenly at the halfway mark or thereabouts we’re all supposed to believe he’s a heavy using drug addict, basically a junkie and suicidal?

Yeah they showed a few times him crushing up pills or drinking too much but it never seemed like some rock bottom, scary meth face shit, mere the perils of being a rock star and to be honest, not that impressive. The pacing of this movie – and the ridiculous leaps it took – never seemed real and I couldn’t believe in the characters or their set-up because it was stupid. STUPID.

The bad pacing continued with Gaga and Cooper’s relationship as well. Again the beginning, wasn’t so bad. There was obviously some chemistry between them and Gaga played her character quite sweetly. But I never felt like it was some big love affair. I never felt like they made a good couple. In fact after the half-way mark I can’t remember them even spending much time together as she seemed more keen on dying her hair and getting her tits out and and going on terrible pop music tours. But then she was really upset when he killed himself and stopped dying her hair?

I’m guessing there’s a moral here but I don’t really care for it.


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9 Responses to A Star is Born (2020) – more of a rant than a review

  1. The only great version is the 1954 film with Judy Garland and James Mason. The one with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson was awful, and this one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper wasn’t much better.


  2. ManInBlack says:

    As I said in my West Side Story remake review posted yesterday (hint hint), it is about making a version for each new generation to enjoy and relate to, but also to reflect how a timeless story is exactly that.

    I’ve not seen any of the four versions so I can’t comment how successful each one is but I do find it interesting how they adapted the story to suit their respective eras and created a new audience, some of whom might be tempted to seek out the originals.

    That said, I did see the ending of this when it was on TV at Christmas and it felt “meh” to me, possibly because I hadn’t seen what came before it, but I don’t really have much interest in remedying that either! 😛


  3. I thought it was a Good balance of romanticism and cynicism. Like, in the end we all know Gaga will love again. This is Hollywood.

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  4. johnrieber says:

    I have seen all 4 versions. In fact, I own them (last one given as an awards screener, not purchased). The original idea of the story is to show how Hollywood can corrupt you (see last night’s slap heard round the world for a real life example). They decided instead to make Cooper a “tortured hero” – completely opposite of the original intent…they can do whatever they want, but you make many great points about how the film loses any reason to exist – two + hours to watch a guy kill himself because he has ringing in his ear!

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  5. beetleypete says:

    I read some reviews that raved about it, thought about watching it on telly for 100th of a nanosecond, then decided not to waste my time. Try these instead, if you haven’t already seen them all.

    One film, four versions: A Star Is Born

    As ever, Pete. XXX

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