The Football Factory (2004)

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The Football Factory – review

This was originally posted on MovieRob as part of Genre Grandeur in September 2016. Thanks to Rob and Prime Six for coming up with another great idea for Genre Grandeur. The Football Factory came immediately to mind when I heard the words ‘realistic films’ and love it or hate it (I love it – which some people do find slightly amusing) it’s certainly a well made film, telling an accurate story about the lives of some male Brits.

The film follows young Londoner Tommy Johnson (Danny Dyer) as he and his Chelsea supporter pals go around fighting rival football supporters, taking the piss out of each other, drinking beer and taking drugs. It’s hard to say why I like this film so much, but I do – I love it. It makes me laugh mainly, the characters are weirdly likable and the dialogue (some of it ad-libbed) is very…

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