Frozen (2010) – Nature’s Fury Blogathon

Firstly, thanks very much to Barry of Cinema Catharsis for hosting such an interesting blogathon. When I read about it I knew immediately which film I wanted to review. Arachnophobia. But that was already taken so I settled with Frozen (let it go, let it go) instead.

*this review contains some spoilers*

Frozen (2010)

Before Frozen became the most annoying phenomenon EVER it was actually an American horror/thriller, released in 2010. The story follows three friends who get stuck on a ski lift and alright, it might not sound like the most terrifying set-up ever – especially if there’s Grappa and an electric blanket for company – but for our comrades in this instance, conditions are not fun. Think of a movie like Open Water, move it to a ski resort and you’re half way there.


Due to a series of Final-Destination-esque events (maybe slightly less dramatic) our three friends find themselves stuck on a ski lift chair with no power, no lights and no-one hiding behind a bush shouting “wind up!”. Everyone has left, the resort is closed and our friends realise they will be stuck for the next week – and likely die – unless they find a way down.

I’m not sure how far up they are exactly – but it’s high enough you wouldn’t choose to jump unless you want your leg bones to pop out the top of your knees before you’re eaten to death by wolves. Hint – this may happen. And I think the proper medical term is actually ‘compound fracture’.

If you read snotty critic reviews for Frozen you’ll more than likely read its “dumb” or “predictable” but I personally really enjoyed it. It’s not going to win any major awards but it’s a fun, interesting film and better than your average small time horror. Sure, you’ll be shouting at the TV occasionally when you disagree with their Best Plan Of Action but that’s the worst thing I could say about it. Mobile phones don’t exist in ski resorts, okay?

I liked the characters, especially Joe (played by Shaun Ashmore) and the dialogue is intentionally funny at times. It’s set-up in a smart way so we immediately get thrown into their world, their relationships with one another and their fun day out. With a film that relies heavily on suspense and tension this works perfectly because it’s easier to empathise and ‘feel like we’re there with them’ when the shit hits the fan.

And it’s definitely a very tense film. As ridiculous as it might sound, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a similar situation as you’re watching – and man is it bleak. Apart from leg bones and wolves and licking the side of the cable car (only joking, Jeff Daniels isn’t in this) the freezing conditions make for some fairly nasty side effects like frostbite and…. um, frostbite. But frostbite is very horrid.


Frozen tries to take the most realistic approach and though there are gross, gory scenes too (yay!), much of the unpleasantness comes from fairly regular inconveniences (I know, interesting choice of word) like having to sit and piss yourself because there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

I mean OBVIOUSLY being eaten by wolves is worse than a wet bum but I’m guessing that a lot of us would never jump in the first place, so it shows it from all angles. And dying slowly in freezing conditions covered in frostbite and urine whilst crying over your dead boyfriend’s body (or what’s left of it anyway) isn’t that great either.

Despite Frozen being my second choice for the blogathon I’m so glad I went with it. It’s a neat little thriller/horror and the more I thought about it, the more incredibly perfect it did seem for Nature’s Fury. There’s no bad guy after all – absolutely everything awful that happens is courtesy of Mother Nature.

And damn nature…….you scary!

Frozen wolf food

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59 Responses to Frozen (2010) – Nature’s Fury Blogathon

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  2. Laughing at your Frozen reference. 😃

  3. I saw this a while back and did not mind it whatsoever. I thought it was suspenseful at times and it definitely makes me not want to go on the ski-lift a few minutes before closing.

  4. Kevin says:

    I’m afraid to ask what’s going on in that last screenshot…looks like some torn and loose skin…ew…

  5. VE says:

    Ooo..amazing review!! This is in my ‘To Watch’ list

  6. lauren says:

    Great review. I’m glad you didn’t do Arachnophobia or I wouldn’t have been able to read your post as I’d be covering my eyes in fear of spiders! Open Water on a ski slope sounds like a good pitch.

  7. *shudders* I literally can’t watch movies like this, because I can imagine something like that happening to me and that’s really really scary!

  8. table9mutant says:

    Great review, Emma! I may check this out one day. I actually liked Open Water (should I admit that?). But, hey – I like the Disney movie too! ; ) And Arachnophobia… Great film! : )

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks so much Miss Mutant!! And hey no hatred towards Frozen 2013 I promise 🙂

      I think you’d like this one! I liked Open Water too, any film with that kind of premise is at least interesting enough to watch once, I think.

      Arachnophobia!!!! LOVE IT! I’d watch that film any time! 🙂

  9. Those images put me off my cereal this morning. I’m the same as the others always put this off because of the reviews. I don’t think I will necessarily hunt it down but next time I see it on TV/Netflix I’ll definitely give it a chance.

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, sorry Ben 🙂 I feel the same when I see Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

      I must say I never pay much attention to reviews anyway really, everyone’s opinion is different and if I like the premise I’ll give it a try. It’s interesting to see what people think (like for example the new X-Men movie is getting slated!) but it won’t put me off watching something, generally.

      Hope you enjoy this if you watch it 🙂

      • I wish I could say that I don’t pay attention to reviews but on some level subconsciously I can’t help it. I need my options to be completely limited to watch a film I know has been slated, and if I am seeing a film that I know has done poorly critically I go in to the film with some apprehension. I’ve tried to avoid new releases now before I’ve seen them 🙂 Too late for Frozen though 🙂

        • emmakwall says:

          I completely understand 🙂 and it’s probably the same for me too! In general I try to avoid reading much about any film I want to see, even the smallest of views or spoilers can taint my judgement but I agree that you can steer yourself either way depending on what you’ve read, like feeling apprehensive for a poorly reviewed film! 🙂

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