Films I Watched in: March

Well it’s been a fairly pitiful month for film watching – just five in total. Seriously how does an entire month go by and I’ve only managed to watch (on average) one movie a week? Considering when I’m not at work or driving or eating or in the bath my favourite place is the sofa, I’m not sure what went wrong.

But anyway, here’s what I did manage to watch and whilst quantity wasn’t great I thought the quality was alright and four out of five I’d never even watched before:

Back to the Future III (1990)

The Witch (2016)

Legend (2015)

The Exorcist III (1990)

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Two threequels from 1990! (‘threequel’ is actually in the English Oxford Dictionary).

I was genuinely pleased to watch Back to the Future III. Not that it should be difficult when ITV insist on playing the entire repertoire pretty much every weekend (in-between Die Hard and Hot Fuzz – seriously how many more films do they want to ruin for me?). But amazingly I hadn’t ever watched it before and featured it recently in a Top 10 ‘surprising films’ I hadn’t ever seen (here).

The humour was ridiculously silly – even when compared to the first two movies! But I enjoyed it a lot. Nothing will ever beat the original movie but there is something so likable about the franchise and the characters. Even my favourite ride at Disneyland was the BTTF 3D car (though if I remember rightly it’s been changed to The Simpsons now).

Anyway, from cowboys to Puritans – and I actually ventured off the sofa for this one – new scary horror The Witch. I won’t bother talking about it too much (at all) because I reviewed it here.


I STILL find it funny that one of the main characters was played by Finchy from The Office. Less funny however, were the annoying morons in the cinema who discovered they didn’t actually like The Witch very much so fuck it, why not ruin it for everyone else by talking constantly.

Of course I’m British so I didn’t actually complain to anyone – perish the thought! No, we Brits prefer to sit there basking in an annoyed glow whilst making ‘tsk’ noises. Sometimes you can catch the eye of someone else annoyed (doing the ‘tsk’ noise) and you share a little eye roll thing (and possibility a head shake) to show comradeship. But to actually complain? Don’t be silly.

Legend was next, the film about the Krays that doesn’t star the brothers from Spandau Ballet (true) and after hearing nothing but bad things about the plot I didn’t hold much hope – but really it was entertaining enough for a one-time watch. I know a bit about the Krays thanks to my grandad who loves all that kind of thing. I swear deep down he would have liked to have been an East End Gangster, though he’s far too nice.

I think Legend was true to form in a lot of respects – situations and the actual events that happened but I don’t believe either brother was portrayed correctly. Nothing to do with Tom Hardy’s acting but rather the characters they were painted to be. I do find this “yeah they killed people, but they loved their mum” attitude slightly laughable.

Hardy was (predictably) good but one of the more pleasant surprises for me personally was Taron Egerton as Ronnie’s coquettish boyfriend Teddy. I’m loving Egerton at the moment and he certainly seems to be doing alright for himself – definitely one to watch.


Now, I don’t want to talk about The Exorcist III too much because I’m going to review it properly in the not-so-distant future. But a bit of background – it’s written and directed by William Peter Blatty who of course wrote…….what did he write again? The Exorcist, of course.

So this film was based on his own book Legion (published in 1983) which is also what he wanted to call the film but was beaten down – presumably by evil studio executives – who wanted to cash in on the Exorcist name and have it as the threequel.


Ironically, Legion was actually written as the sequel to his original novel The Exorcist anyway but because the evil studio executives had already released a hugely naff sequel in the form of Exorcist II: The Heretic they kinda had to call the rightful sequel, a threequel (seriously, I had never even heard of that word until today and now I’ve used it three times in one post).

Which was all a huge shame as I’m assuming most people would judge The Exorcist III by the awful Exorcist II and understandably write it off as yet another ridiculous sequel/threequel.

But it’s actually really good! And DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING. And man I love George C. Scott,  that guy had some serious presence.


Oh and if any of you watch this anytime soon, look out for the  weird, chain smoking doctor – that’s Hershel from The Walking Dead!

But anyway, I thought I’d save the best til last – FAST AND FURIOUS 6!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this masterful piece of cinema? That Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s muscles are so out of control he actually looks a bit like a prehistoric insect?


That despite constant congestion, red buses, traffic lights and one-way systems, London is actually the perfect place for a high-octane car chase?

Or that you will NEVER get to the end of a plane runway despite driving down one, really fast, for at least fifteen minutes?

I actually went to see this in the cinema and it brought back ‘hilarious’ memories of arriving late and having to sit in the very, very front row. I mean – the VERY front row. The one that shouldn’t really be there because who the fuck would ever want to sit there anyway?

And watching a film like this in particular (at one point Vin Diesel drives a car through the side of a plane mid-air / mid-explosion) in the front row was pretty much torture. Even leaning my head so far back I looked like I was trying some weird technique to get rid of hiccups, I could barely make out anything except testosterone and tyres.

But despite neck ache and the ludicrous situations, I will always have a place in my heart for the Fast and the Furious movies. A bit like The Beach Boys, I just find it hard to imagine life without them.

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80 Responses to Films I Watched in: March

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  2. Natasha says:

    Great rundown Emma! I love it! I really enjoyed that Fast and the Furious film – the later ones are such an improvement on the first bunch (which were so bad but so good!).

    LOL on the seats in the cinema – those seats are awful to sit on!

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks so much Natasha!! They’re great movies aren’t they 🙂 I mean…you have to just….let yourself go with it! I loved it when they brought The Rock into it 🙂

      I know!! So bad!! For a movie like that as well…..grrr! Haha 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    I saw Legion ages ago (I refuse to call it Exorcist III) and it’s genuinely creepy. Really eerie scenes. Heretic is a terrible sequel in my opinion, lacks punch, and it doesn’t help that they want you to be scared of the demon “Pazuzu.” It may be a Babylonian demon, but the name is funny as hell.

    • emmakwall says:

      Oh my god that scene where the nurse was wandering in the foyer for a few minutes and checking the rooms, then that masked person with the knife just walked after her really fast without her knowing – that FREAKED me out! And of course the ‘ceiling’ scene! Yuck! I didn’t find it scary in the same way as The Exorcist, I thought it had more of a “this was based on a novel” feel, but totally agree some of the scenes were so eerie! It was atmospheric and George C Scott was incredible 🙂

      HAHA! Pazuzu! It’s a cute name!! Haha!

  4. I’m so happy that you finally saw Back to the Future III. I agree that nothing beats the original. But, I loved the 3rd one. When I first saw Part 2 in the theater, I was a little disappointed, which made Part 3 that much better. But, when I watched Part 2 back in October, I really enjoyed it a lot!

    If I ever go to England, and we go to a movie together, and since I’m American, I’ll have no problem telling people to shut the fuck up if they’re talking during the movie, so you don’t have to worry. 😉 I have no problem with the noise before the movie, and I’ll even be patient during the previews. But, when the movie starts, I better be able to hear the movie! Especially since it’s so expensive to go to the theater now.

    I can’t wait for your Exorcist III review! I loved that one! George C Scott was awesome (as usual). I haven’t seen it in years. But I do remember loving it. And I do remember the 2nd one sucking. Now I want to rewatch Exorcist III again!

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks so much Paul!!! So do you prefer the 3rd BTTF to the second? I thought the humour was even sillier than the previous two movies – which I mean in a good way!! It was nice for Doc to have more of a ‘story’ too 🙂 I’d like to buy the trilogy on blu-ray.

      Oh Paul I’d love that so, so, so much! Do you think you ever will come to the UK? 🙂 I actually hope we get a movie theatre FULL of people talking so I can watch you tell them to shut the fuck up!! Haha 🙂

      Thanks, I will write it up soon…promise! Haha! It wasn’t scary like the original Exorcist more of a thriller but with a few very scary scenes. George C Scott was so cool and had such a presence!! I really want to see Patton.

      • I would love to go to the UK some day! There are many places in Europe that I would like to go, especially the UK.
        I don’t think I’ve ever seen the full movie of Patton. It is often on television here around Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I always only end up catching a small part. I’ll have to sit down and watch it sometime.

  5. Love all Back to the Future movies..they are so fun!! And while I thought The Witch was one of the worst films of the year so far, If someone dares to use a phone or talk in a theatre.. no one sits by idly by here. I will give someone a put away the phone or shut up..then I will definitely say something. I’m not getting my film ruined. You’re not the first Brit I’ve heard say they don’t say anything..I wonder why not? Do they not run the adverts before the films about being quiet & no phones there?? I also do a lot of pre-screeners and they actually use night vision goggles in those things to see if anyone is using there phone AT ALL…they get booted immediately.. I gotta love that! ha! And yes, Tom Hardy was quite fantastic in Legend..though the movie was only fair, him and Taron..who I adore also and was my pick for breakout star 2015!! He’s a doll.

  6. movierob says:

    only 5??? how is that possible?? 🙂

    Actually only seen 2 of ur 5 this month 🙂

  7. Jordan Dodd says:

    You are so right about The Witch. There were a ton of morons talking and ‘sighing’ loudly and intentionally. It didn’t take long for someone to stand up and tell them to shut the fuck up, haha! I can’t stand it, and if its just one group of people I have no problem telling them to shut up. Harder though if half the cinema is like that – that was the case when I saw It Follows.

  8. Urspo says:

    five films in a month? that is ~ the amount I see in a year. (I am fussy about what movies I watch).
    The “Legend” movie was intriguing for I have a vague memory there was a fantasy movie with the same title with a nasty demon and Vangelis music.

  9. BunKaryudo says:

    Prehistoric insect? Haha! Poor Dwayne! 🙂

  10. Everyone says Exorcist III is good but I’ve never seen it! Have to pop it on the list. I have to admit I definitely avoided it after the mess that was Exorcist II.

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