Opinion Battles Round 7 Best Sports Movie

Opinion Wars and this time it’s personal (it’s not really)
Round 7 – Sports Movies. Mine – as usual – is the stupidest.

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Round 7

Best Sports Movie

When it comes to Sports movies we have had nearly every sport put onto camera, we have had football to ping pong, ice staking to boxing and most include the typical underdog story but just what is the best film?

If you want to join the Opinion Battles our next round will be Best Remakes, email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 9th August 2015

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Warrior (2011)wrrior

When it comes to fighting films I am normally turned away because I find boxing films rather boring, but when I sat down to watch this one I wasn’t really sure what to think. I couldn’t believe how intense this film was, I have never seen UFC before but the film managed to pull me into a world of sport I have no interest in. the fights come off realistic and the conflict between…

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42 Responses to Opinion Battles Round 7 Best Sports Movie

  1. vinnieh says:

    Hi my sister. Here’s a link to a blog I think you’ll enjoy. Tell them I sent you. http://sistergeeks.net/

  2. Jordan Dodd says:

    I forgot to do this even tho you reminded me MmKay! My pick was gonna be Space Jam….. if that even counts!!!

    • emmakwall says:

      If “Mean Machine” counts, then Space Jam most certainly does!!!!!

      Who am I to talk about reminders?!!! I need one myself – PSH!!

      Mmmmkay 😀

      • Jordan Dodd says:

        Did you get my twitter msg?? You can still write one, and I’ll reblog it on my site 🙂 🙂

        that’s if you still want to, up to you 🙂

        • emmakwall says:

          I did! And I’ve replied (I think lol)

          I would LOVE that and appreciate it so much! I’ve almost finished anyway so I’ll get it done, thanks so much Jordy.

          You okay my friend? 🙂

          • Jordan Dodd says:

            I’m fine! I’d love to reblog your post, I’ll keep an eye on your site (as i usually do). I can’t wait to read your entry! 🙂

            • emmakwall says:

              You’re awesome Jordan! Thanks 😀

            • Jordan Dodd says:

              No, you are Awesome, MmmmK?

            • emmakwall says:

              No you are!!! Mmmmmmmm’kay 🙂

            • Jordan Dodd says:

              😛 Let’s agree that we both are equally awesome, eh? ;D But seriously, I don’t have a ton of friends IRL, its cool to meet such nice and cool people on the net. 🙂 I’m glad I’m stuck to blogging, its been rewarding and it helps my self confidence soooooooo much when people confirm, ‘hey jordan, nice writing.’ My self esteem is that low I almost need that constantly or I start to think I can’t write, whats the point etc etc. Epilepsy and low self esteem isn’t a fun combination!! But I work thru it the best I can 😀

            • emmakwall says:

              You might be a BIT more awesome :p

              You’re working through it really well and you must keep blogging! I reckon it must be therapeutic as well as confidence building (which is great!)

              I love all you guys too, it’s such a friendly and nice atmosphere on here. I wish we could all hang out together in real life but it’s still fun online. It’s done me a lot of good being on here too 🙂

              I’ve always been super shy as well, I know I come across quite loud and stuff but I can be soooo shy in some situations (even with people I know, I’m terribly aware of myself all the time if you know what I mean? I’m so awkward!) and I doubt myself all the time.

              I wish I could make your self-esteem as high as the sky!!! It should be 🙂

              But……..if in doubt…….just shout – BLUDDY RIPPPAH!!!!!!!

            • Jordan Dodd says:

              Hehehe. Yeah blogging has been really good for me, just the fact that I am still doing it AND enjoying it is great for my mental health.

              I’m super shy too, social anxiety and all that. I try to ignore it though, like today i went to the movies (a 40 minute train ride there and back) and the trip on the way back was PACKED with people. I need to do that more often, the more social interaction I have the better off I am. I overthink stuff, the trip back was packed but it really wasn’t that bad at all. its just when I think about it before doing it all the worst case scenarios pop into my head.

              I really wanna volunteer somewhere soon. I think that’d do wonders for my self-esteem and my confidence in general. Plus I still am supposed to do work placement for my Youth Work course!! I hope there isn’t a due date for that cos I first got the info for it last November! But having not worked for so long… its a daunting notion! That’s why I wanna volunteer – to ease into it, as I haven’t worked in a couple of years now

            • emmakwall says:

              I love learning more about you 🙂 I’m the same with over thinking situations. If I have to do something I don’t do often or go somewhere I’ve not been, I over think it SO much and worry about all the things that could go wrong. Sadly I’m just terrified of looking like a twat most of the time. I know what you mean about the worst case scenarios popping into your head. I completely agree with you, it’s important to do stuff that ‘scares’ us just so we know we CAN do it and it’s a slow process, small steps at a time. What did you see at the movies? Have you and your mum seen Inside Out yet?!!! 😀

              I just wish I could wave a magic wand and your self-esteem would rocket! Why’s it always the nicest and coolest people who suffer. I swear that’s true!!!

              I think volunteer work sounds like a great idea, what’s the Youth Work course?? It would build your confidence and also give you a sense of satisfaction helping others 🙂 you’d be great!!!!!

            • Jordan Dodd says:

              The youth work course is pretty much that, working with troubled young people. I really think I can help them as I have lived experience

              We seem to be very similar people! I’m just like what you described. And you are right, small steps, and my psych once told me it is important to recognise improvements, no matter how small.

              The movie times didn’t match so Mum and I didn’t get to see inside Out! I wanna see it thought, it sounds interesting.

              Today (or yesterday rather, its 4:18am right now) I saw 13 minutes. I’m about to post my thoughts on it. its a great film.

              Thanks again for the kind words Em. I’m really glad to have ‘met’ you 🙂 like I said we seem to be very similar people, and its always good to meet like-minded folk. 🙂

  3. Um, does Whip It count. I couldn’t resist this rollergirl underdog story with Ellen Page.

  4. BunKaryudo says:

    Shaolin soccer’s a great choice. I love that movie. Doesn’t quite have as much diving and histrionics as real soccer of course, but it’s still pretty funny.

  5. beetleypete says:

    Not a sports film fan, but I had to give it to De Niro for Raging Bull. Even if you don’t like Boxing, it’s still a great film.
    Cheers, Pete.

  6. theipc says:


    I’ll have to go check this out!

    Love Pen!!!

  7. vinnieh says:

    Liked your choice Emma, Vinnie Jones is such a laugh. A real geezer bad ass. And Danny Dyer, well I know you love him.

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