Versatile Blogger!

My humble thanks to Guy Portman for his nomination to me for the Versatile Blogger Award!


Guy runs a brilliant blog writing book reviews, he is also a published author – you can check out his stuff here (and you should do!)

In line with the rules here are my nominations for 15 brilliant, hilarious, informative and diverse blogs:

By Hook or By Book
Movie Reviews 101
Justine’s Movie Blog
Vinnie H
Sweet Archive
Cici’s Rant
At the Library
Alfred’s Almanac
Damian Thomas Films Etc
Tranquil Dreams
Spirit in Politics
The Telltale Mind
Alex Raphael
Movie Rob
The Vern’s Video Vortex

10 Facts About Me

1. I’m an introverted person and need time alone most days
2. Watermelon is my favourite fruit
3. I have an alphabetised DVD collection of around 650 films and I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like lending
4. Duncan Bannatyne from Dragon’s Den once tried chatting me up
5. I grew far too many teeth. I had to have an op when I was younger to remove lots of them – they were pretty screwed up, growing in different directions etc. – I still have the teeth they took, in a jar!
6. I have a weird fantasy about ‘giving everything up’ and living in a shepherd’s hut away from civilisation, eating fish and berries (I probably won’t actually ever do this)
7. Green is my favourite colour
8. It’s my 30th birthday this year
9. Sometimes when I’m driving I put on exciting music and pretend I’m on a rescue mission
10. I’m an atheist

About emmakwall

Films, books, soundtracks, good humour
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110 Responses to Versatile Blogger!

  1. newguy87 says:

    Thanks for nomination, i am going to go through your list lol.
    1. Seems like how the best minds think.
    2. Nope Pineapple
    3. Me too accept my is in a random ABC where A falls between S and T because i ran out of shelves and don’t want same letter on two shelves.
    4. Did you sell him any good idea though?
    5. I won’t go into as i had issue too
    6. Sounds Good
    7. It might be my favourite but i am colourblind
    8. Old lol
    9. Please say one song is Dangermouse
    10. I thought you would have believed in fiction stories

    have a good weekend


  2. Justine B. says:

    Congrats, Emma! Thanks for nominating me, you’re the best! 🙂

    Btw I can totally relate to your #1 and #6! I NEED my alone time and I also have fantasies of getting away from civilization although it’s unlikely that will ever happen. It’s like we were fated to be international blogging buddies or something.


    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks Justine 🙂 and you’re very welcome!! I love reading your film reviews.

      I’m glad you feel the same as me, it made me smile reading what you wrote. It is fate 🙂 yeah sometimes I just think it would be so nice! Though I probably would miss home comforts!! (and crisps/chips!!)

      You’re the best!! 🙂


  3. Tom Schultz says:

    Congrats on your well-deserved award. I often begin my day by reading one of your movie reviews. You’ve got a great conversational tone and I love your sense of humor. Naturally, the cute pic of you is a plus, too.

    Now, I feel I should show my appreciation for your nomination of me. Well, how to truly do this? I imagine that you Brits have neighborhood pubs where a stranger is greeted with some skepticism by the locals. What to do in those awkward situations? Not long ago, I was in a pub like that in the western US and fortunately someone had a video camera to record the experience. Cheers! 🙂 🙂


    • emmakwall says:

      Thank you Tom 🙂 and thank you for such kind words!!!!! I’m absolutely delighted you enjoy reading my blog and everything you said was so nice and complimentary (I’m honoured)

      Wow this clip sounds interesting, I’m going to watch it now and get back to you! Yes we have those pubs! (are you local?)

      (2.10 minutes later)

      That was intense!! I must say you handled things brilliantly 🙂

      I’ve never actually seen that but I’d like to!! Thanks Tom 🙂 🙂 🙂 cheers!

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      • Tom Schultz says:

        Wait, Emma! I would be mortified if you (and perhaps your grandfather) had to sit through High Plains Drifter on my say-so. Just say no! It’s one of Clint’s lesser efforts (i.e., it sucks). No, if you have a couple hours, try “Unforgiven.” (1992) It may be the best Western (IMO) ever. Won Oscars for Best Picture, director (Clint)), and supporting actor (Gene Hackman as sadistic marshal). Throw in Morgan Freeman, a British gunslinger (just for you!) and the best clean-up scene since Hamlet. Truly, a flick to share with your grandfather. And I will be there in spirit. 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • emmakwall says:

          Oh that’s a shame! I did read it was one of his early films, maybe that’s why?!

          I have Unforgiven on DVD and have been meaning to watch it for AGES! Your recommendation and mini review has spurred me on 🙂

          I think my grandad already seen it, but as ever, you are very kind to think of him!

          “the best clean-up scene since Hamlet” – that was a brilliant line! And would you believe me and my grandad actually watched that recently?! What are the odds! The Laurence Olivier one.

          I will let you know what I think of Unforgiven Mr Tom (Clint!)

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  4. Thanks, Emma. I do really deserve this though don’t I?

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    • emmakwall says:

      Yes you do! What’s the problem? Haha 🙂

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      • No problem, I’m just stating the obvious!

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        • emmakwall says:

          I know you are!

          (you do realise you wrote “I do deserve this”?)

          And anyway you are a versatile blogger, you mix comedy and extreme horror AND you have reviews on the Goal movies!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yeah, I was simply fishing (again). A simple “yes!” would have done! Haha.

            You’re too bloody kind. Don’t forget I’m also a poet and novelist! Never forget…

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            • emmakwall says:

              Never forget………Take That?

              Sorry Damian that was genuinely ignorant of me! You are an author and a poet too, and that is why you are fucking versatile. OKAY! 🙂 🙂

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            • Sorry, Emma, I’ve just let it all go to my head. It was a momentary lapse, I won’t let this award change me.

              I’m proud to say I didn’t get the Take That reference.

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            • emmakwall says:

              Should I have made an East 17 one instead? How embarrassing !

              I’d say this award is already changing you young man!

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            • Don’t worry about doing East 17 puns because everything’s gonna be alright!

              I’ve come back from the brink.

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            • emmakwall says:


              Do you remember when Brian Harvey ran over his own foot trying to get a jacket potato?

              (I couldn’t’ think of a suitable pun! 😦 )

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            • No, I don’t. How do you run over your own foot? I just remember Tony kicking him out of the band after he said Es were great. (I’m all out of puns myself, I can’t seem to fit “steam” in anywhere)

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            • emmakwall says:

              I was thinking of Steam too!!!!! Or some awful “stay another day” pun..?!

              That Tony looks rough nowadays. The story with Brian Harvey was very bizarre. That was it! He ran over his own foot whilst trying to pick up a jacket potato.

              I think he MAY have been on drugs!

              “I only took ecstasy once and I certainly didn’t swallow it”

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            • It’s harder than it seems, I guess I’m gonna let the whole pun thing go for now and let off some steam. (god that’s terrible)

              I haven’t seen old Tony for a while to be honest. Remember the other two as well? Beardy and Baldy. How were they ever in a boyband?

              I’m just trying to even contemplate how the jacket potato incident occured but my brain is starting to hurt. I’m pretty sure drugs were involved, they always were with poor Brian, especially when he was shagging Sam Butcher!

              Remember when J.K from Jamiroquai got butted by a photographer? That might be the best thing ever!

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            • emmakwall says:

              Damian you know how we say we’re twins and power rangers and stuff? (as you do)

              You won’t believe this but I actually call the J.K headbutt the “best video on youtube”

              “why are you blaming me?”
              “because you look fucking guilty!” (I can hear his brattish little voice as I type)


              I can’t believe you mentioned it! Honestly I love that clip, I watch it to cheer me up and I’ve always loved it. I don’t really hear anyone saying about it anymore though!

              You’re a fucking legend!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m actually shocked but I should know better by now! #besties

              Yes I remember those weirdos from East 17 ha ha ha! Your pun joke was better than their facial hair! And talent!

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            • Hahaha! Brilliant! When did we get separated, was it at birth do you reckon!?

              That man is one of my all time heroes.It must have taken some balls to do in front of all his security, but I guess you just can’t pass up an opportunity like that. See him run off as well? It’s just beautiful.

              Ha! The East 17 weirdos were scary and saying the steam pun was better than their talent isn’t really saying much! Double Ha!


  5. The Vern says:

    Emmy. Thank you Thank you. I will be working on this ASAP. still thinking of my list will have it done next week

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  6. theipc says:

    Congrats, sweet Clam!!!

    I don’t like lending shit out either – I think it comes from being an only child….

    Love Pen

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  7. Thank-you my dear, for mentioning my ever so humble site. Can’t go wrong with fish and berries!!

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  8. alexraphael says:

    On a quick lunch break, but had to thank you as soon as I got the chance. And hang on, the Scottish Dragon’s Den really asked you out? What was he like?

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  9. Congratulations Ms Emma! Thank you for passing on the love💗

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  10. vinnieh says:

    Congrats on the award Emma, and thanks for nominating me.

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