Since Wednesday 11th March, the big news in the UK has been all about this man –

For those of you who don’t know his name is Jeremy Clarkson and he is a TV host and journalist (well kind of…..he writes for The Sun anyway). He is what we call Marmite – some people love him, some people hate him.

He’s most well-known for hosting the car show Top Gear on the BBC and for being controversial which basically means making ill-advised comments about women or Asian people or homosexuals. Or Argentinians. Or immigrants. You get the idea.

I do actually quite like him. I don’t agree with everything that he says and he bugs the hell out of me – undoubtedly a smug man, but there are very few people in the public eye in this country who actually say what they want and refuse to apologise afterwards. I’m still annoyed Benedict Cumberbatch apologised for the “coloured people” gaff. He should have told everyone hysterical in the media to grow up.

But anyway, whether I agree or disagree with what is said I do have a certain amount of admiration for celebrities who don’t pander to everyone, terrified of upsetting the ‘media’ and the six hundred people with Ofcom in their speed dial. But anyway, I digress (I’m good at that)

My whole point was the BIG NEWS IN THE UK!

And that big news is……………….

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from the BBC (and Top Gear). This time he apparently ‘punched a producer’ because of an issue with his lunch. The core of the story is probably true but like most media tales, hugely overblown.

Anyway, worst things happen at sea. So, who really cares? Well, quite a lot of people apparently. Since Wednesday morning he has been the headline news on almost every major online newspaper.


I watch the news in the morning as I get ready for work and when I get home I watch the news at 6.00, but hey this post isn’t about how rock and roll I am. EVERY FUCKING NEWS BULLETIN that wasn’t weather, war or angry housing residents was about Jeremy Clarkson.

You can’t believe the amount of coverage this story is getting and I’ve been in a state of disbelief that with everything going on in the world, this is such big news.

Within hours of the original story being released a twitter campaign (#bringbackclarkson) and an ACTUAL REAL petition was set up for his ‘safe return’ to the BBC (and at the time of writing said petition has over half a million signatures).

And then this morning, the icing on the cake. I was sitting on the floor straightening my hair (it’s the easiest way….trust me) watching Good Morning Britain and Susanna Reid announced…….

(this really is quite pathetic, but also…….hilarious)

DAVID CAMERON HAS GOT INVOLVED! Old shiny face himself.

Our very own Prime Minister. Apparently Dave released a statement saying he and his children were “huge fans” of the show [Top Gear] and he wants “the matter resolved as quickly as possible”.

Whilst I’m overjoyed we have such an understanding Prime Minister who not only empathises with the people over the loss of such an amazing TV show (sarcasm) but also finds time before our general election to make such a statement!! Anyone would think he was appealing to the common man.

Yeah, I’m a cynic.

I don’t know if I love or hate our crack pot country sometimes.

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35 Responses to #bringbackclarkson

  1. Whoa! I had no clue (I never watch news… apparently for these reasons only!) lol!
    Media is the same everywhere… they just blow small and insignificant stuff totally out of proportion and leave the real matters in the corner to rot and dissolve!
    And I agree, sitting on the floor or bed or anywhere is indeed the best way to straight hair! heheheheh! ❤ (Now this is something I have a strong opinion about!) 😉
    Have a great day sweetie!

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    • emmakwall says:

      Thank you lovely Heena!

      Yes it’s so sad really, all the things going on but this is the story they choose to pander to! I get so sick of everyone’s judgemental opinions sometimes.

      Haha, so glad we share the same hair straightening ideals!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Coolsville says:

    My brother’s a big Top Gear fan and I watched a few episodes from his DVD of the show, and I have to say Jeremy is the best part of the series! Borrowing from the Prime Minister, I hope the matter is resolved. I don’t think Top Gear would be the same without him.
    As for the media coverage, I’d gladly exchange the Kardashians for Jeremy. 😉

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    • emmakwall says:

      I reckon it will be soon 🙂

      I agree, without him, Top Gear couldn’t really continue!! Love him or hate him, he’s the corner stone of the show.

      Great point about the vacuous Kardashians 🙂


  3. Mark Walker says:

    I really can’t go Clarkson. I think he’s a talentless, smug, racist, homophobic, fascist prick. The reason David Cameron got involved is because they are very much alike and come from the same over privileged background and born with silver spoons up their area. They both detest Scots as well and there’s no place for Clarkson on our screens. In fact, that Tory that Cameron can go too. (Excuse my Gaelic) 😉

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    • emmakwall says:

      I do hate the Tories!!!

      I think Dave likes having a pop at the BBC as well as they’ve always been in Labour’s pocket and against the Tories. Plus he’s obviously trying to appeal to the “poor proles” who watch Top Gear right before the vote.

      Never excuse that Gaelic!! Ever! 🙂

      Don’t get me wrong, I see what you mean about Clarkson – and agree! But I still like people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. I don’t like Frankie Boyle because he’s so horrible to people (I didn’t use him because he’s Scottish btw!!!! Horrible example…) but I still respect he has no filter. Everyone’s so shit scared to say what they really think these days, I like people who do.

      I hope that makes sense!


  4. Jay says:

    I have no idea who he is, and don’t really care, but the news has trickled here (Canada) as well.

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  5. You lead the life of a rockstar!

    I used to do the same, but it was The Big Breakfast in the morning and Newsround in the evening.

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  6. My boyfriend and I love Top Gear and we (obviously) love Clarkson a lot and its because he has no filter, he’s just offensive, but thats what makes him entertaining (aside from all that car stuff). We talked about this a little but seeing as I didn’t know the particulars, we just hoped that maybe Clarkson will get back on Top Gear, because well, the show just wouldn’t be the same without him.
    I don’t have anything useful to say about this but as much as punching anyone isn’t all that awesome and Clarkson probably deserves to be suspended, I’d really like to see him unsuspended? I don’t know anymore…haha!

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    • emmakwall says:

      Yeah I know what you mean Kim! Sometimes he really gets on my nerves, but I do have admiration for people who say what they think, without fear.

      He probably does deserve to be suspended, in any workplace punching someone is a bit steep!!! But like Darren said, the BBC covered up all that abuse to young girls by their own staff, for years! In the midst of that scandal, it seems quite dumb to make a big deal about a punch.

      I like Top Gear, but I prefer the specials where they go to other places!! And Hammond is my favourite haha 🙂


  7. theipc says:


    Great post! The big critical matter dominating the news over here morning, noon and night is Hillary Clinton’s emails. SHOCKING!!! CRITICAL!!! IMPORTANT!!! QUALITY NEWS!!!

    What the fuck ever.

    Love Pen

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  8. I can’t really agree with the Benedict thing just because it’s not right for privileged white people(which is what we are and Benedict) to tell anyone of African descent they should grow up and accept offensive racial terms and slurs considering their history and the rampant racism that still prevails across the globe especially in my country. The language he used is unacceptable and his apology was necessary so long as it was sincere which it seemed to be. I’m all for people speaking their minds but that doesn’t mean people don’t have to take responsibility for speaking their minds, their offensive words or revealing their racism, discrimination or ignorance against anyone or a topic whether it’s a religious group, homosexuals, transgendered people ect.

    I’ve heard of Top Gear but I’m not familiar with this man. However I think it’s sickening when people get worked up and throw their support behind something like this instead of a real issue that needs support. This grown man can take responsibility for his bad behavior at work and the consequences and it’s too bad for people who enjoy his show but it’d be lovely if they’d throw their voice and weight behind a matter that actually needs support.

    Anyway it’s an interesting story either way and I’ll be on the look out for Top Gear which I think plays on BBC America too.

    And just to be clear in case this seemed like a ranty message I’m not offended by your opinion on the matter nor did it make it seem like you’re racist or anything awful, it’s clear you’re giving your opinion on people speaking their minds honestly vs. what’s considered acceptable in society=)


    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks for your comment Susan! I do find it quite sad how many people care about this ‘issue’!

      I’m not sure I used the best example with Benedict because it probably loses a little in translation. This wasn’t a post about insulting black people for the sake of free speech.

      All Benedict said was “coloured people” instead of “black people”. He wasn’t, in my opinion, using a racial slur or stereotype – certainly not intentionally or to cause offence. Back in the 70s (in the UK), that was the correct, polite word to use for many people and actually using the term ‘black people’ was seen as offensive. Words change, but Benedict didn’t mean anything by it.

      If people can’t work out that he didn’t mean to cause offence then that’s pretty sad. He was actually saying things that were quite important and positive, but everything got overshadowed because of one mistake. He just used a word that was outdated. But he didn’t use it with hatred!

      I never meant to cause offence with what I wrote, of course if any black people were personally offended by what he said, a sincere apology is ALWAYS the right way forward – I totally agree. But the only people I saw complaining (in the UK) about what he said were middle class white people in the media. It was typical media hysteria and I hate it. This country is so sanitised, no-one is allowed to say anything anymore. I should have made that clearer in my post.

      I do totally understand that racism (and the word “coloured” itself) is more prevalent in the US and I have re-worded my post so as not to upset anyone (hopefully). I hate unkindness to anyone, in any form.

      I don’t really see how you can call me ‘privileged’ though Susan! Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m lucky compared to some. But to be quite honest – if you call someone privileged just because they are white – that in itself could be seen as a racial stereotype and also quite insulting.

      Hopefully I’ve cleared things up a bit now anyway. I forget sometimes that people reading this aren’t inside my head. So I must be clear about things!

      Top Gear isn’t that great. They do one-off specials where they drive around in other countries and they’re pretty good. But the average studio episodes are….meh!


      • Hello Emma! I got the point and did not think your post was about insulting black people for the sake of free speech which I wrote at the end there to clarify but maybe didn’t clarify enough–so to clarify I do NOT think that’s what you were saying OR that you’re some racist weirdo=)
        Either way I didn’t think that’s what you meant but I agree that’s not a good example because using the word “colored” to refer to a black person and this television personality punching someone are not equivalent but you got your point through alright anyway.
        I really have no idea if anybody will see your post and misconstrue what you were communicating. I didn’t but it did lead me to bring up the topic of racial slurs and privileged but not because I feel you showed you’re racist and I need to school you or something!! No no no! So please read on and know that I’m smiling (not actually smiling but I’m not angry or feverishly typing away at you I’m just comfortable discussing further & thrilled to have an opportunity to bring some understanding between two people who are so far apart!)

        Here’s the thing: White privilege is not an insult to white people or something white people should take offense to nor is it based off a stereotype. White privilege refers to the advantages that white people have historically and in society over black people and other races because of the color of our skin which is undeniable. It doesn’t mean that some white people don’t struggle financially or aren’t underprivileged in other ways however none of the disadvantages white people experience in life are because of or traced back to their skin color. Like in the US there’s the stereotype of “trailer trash” but that doesn’t have anything to do with being trashy because the trailer park residents are white. The stereotype of white people is like: white people are boring, white people are professors, white people are presidents, white people are ceo’s…there not exactly negative. But forget that because I don’t want to deter from my point here.

        All of us with white skin are privileged in this manner. It doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days or tragedy or that everything is handed to us it just means we have an automatic (and often unnoticed by us) step up in society and an ease to our daily life. That doesn’t mean life is easy it means that we don’t constantly combat other people’s notions about us based on our skin color.
        It sounds like you’re unfamiliar with the term which is okay because I didn’t know about it before I knew about either! but that’s a perfect example of our white privileged because its something we don’t have to think about much and are protected from. It’s something I learned about at one point, had to think over, grasp and then understood but it’s not an insult to me.
        Here are some articles and posts that explain white privilege well. They may be easier to understand than me! And will simultaneously show that white privilege is an actual thing and not some rando term I made up on the spot and threw out there!

        In the U.S “colored” is absolutely considered offensive and that doesn’t mean it might not have another meaning in your country but that’s where I was coming from when I said “No no no Benedict!” This article points to that briefly not that you need proof but when he said it made him look pretty silly at the very least. Plus the term may have seemed acceptable decades ago but what was once okay decades ago is usually irrelevant now. Plus I’d ask you think who it was okay with in the 1970s–probably white people!

        I didn’t find your post offensive and I felt comfortable bringing up and discussing this topic which is one of the things some blogs are very cool for. We can talk about these issues without taking the points made personally or twisting the conversation and I appreciate that. White people doesn’t mean “YOU” it means white people which includes me, you and Benedict. So that is why I pointed that out and hopefully you’ll have time to read the articles I linked to or at least skim them in you’re interested and I hope they make sense and click for you.

        It’s an interesting topic and it’s funny that your post about the dude from Top Gear and his wily behavior getting so much press brought us here. But that’s good! And I hope you feel free to read and think and reply some more if you’re curious or whatever but please know it’s not an insult to our skin color or you has a human being who happens to be white or something you or I can help as far as the color we’re born with but rather in indication of what that color means in our world and how it does or doesn’t change our lives and why we don’t have the right to make certain comments on it–or we can make those comments but they may be incorrect, offensive or consequences.

        Hope that all makes sense, it’s murder trying to proof-read in this little comment tab!! =)


  9. Tom Schultz says:

    Now, why would Jer have resorted to physical violence when he could have just referred his producer to Clint.

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  10. newguy87 says:

    It is the interesting talking point, my look at is that he is a guy presenting a show about cars, he opinions making him more interesting but he sadly in a generation too late for his style now.
    i saw a great picture saying about clarkson being suspended for a punch while BBC covered up all the child molesting..
    i know the PC world has gone mad and i saw it in football reporting show. on eof the guys said about a goal scorer being Fernado or Fernadiho but quote ‘one of them i can’t tell the difference’ the guy saw one angle, the names and near idenitical and they do look the same. the show made him say sorry incase people thought he was being racist.
    my final opinion is if people don’t like Clarkson don’t watch him if the ratings go down they will get rid of him

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    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks for your comment Dazza! I agree entirely. You made a brilliant point about the cowardice of the BBC when hundreds of girls were being molested – they covered it up for years. Yet one punch in the green room, the whole world’s upset.

      And I 100% agree with ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch it’ I can’t stand people who watch shows or read articles and then complain about it afterwards. Get a life.

      You understood exactly what I meant 🙂

      Are you a fan of the show?

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