Back to the Future – Plot Hole


So I know we’re all familiar with this movie and its glorious plot. But I’ve always had so much fun discussing this particular flaw with people – and when I say ‘discussing’ I really mean me talking to someone as they stare into space, eyes slightly glazed – that I just had to write a post on it.

So Marty McFly goes back to 1955. No worries there – time travel in a Delorean is perfectly acceptable, but what about when he comes back to 1985, having now met his younger parents in the 1950s?

Do neither of them recognise their own son as the guy who hung out with them in high school?!



I mean Marty (Calvin Klein) got his parents George and Lorraine together as a couple – he played a huge part in their lives. Don’t all of us remember those special people from high school who made a difference? Not to mention his mum’s eerie crush and the sensational rendition of Johnny B Goode at the school dance.


Who could forget this? Seriously.

And so when George and Lorraine’s own son Marty got to be a teenager, I’m pretty sure one of them at least should have noticed that their son also happened to be the guy they hung out with in high school.



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52 Responses to Back to the Future – Plot Hole

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  2. Think you should forward the post and your thoughts to Michael J Fox on Twitter – then we might find out xx Think Leah Thomson there too x They surely must have seen this and asked about it x

  3. Also wondering this when I see this film x Surely his parents would have split after paternity questions raised about their child looking suspiciously like that dude who brought them together….

  4. I can’t remember what some of the people looked like that I was friends with 25 years ago and played with every single day after school so I don’t think they’d remember this guy they spent a very short time with especially since George’s heroism stole the spotlight (and Lorrain’s heart!) but it’s a funny idea. =)

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