The Boy (2016)

The Boy – horror film review


Follow his rules….

I recently bought The Boy on Blu ray, as a bit of a treat and you know, I don’t have many Blu rays. And obviously it was pay day. I wasn’t expecting deep scares but I thought the premise was pretty cool. An American nanny (Maggie from The Walking Dead – AKA Lauren Cohan) takes up a position in the scary British countryside (isolated ivy covered manor with creepy statues alert!) and gets more than she bargained for, finding out the child in her care is actually a doll named Brahms.

And Brahms has rules. And a silly name.

Actually I didn’t find Brahms very scary. There I said it. The way he’s constantly staring through doorways becomes quite amusing and I must admit I found him a little bit cute. Part of the story involves his agitated and highly disturbed parents (what else can I call them?) going away, leaving Maggie in charge. They leave her a list of rules she must follow (this is emphasised more than is naturally normal) and I noticed one of the rules was for a goodnight kiss. Now the silly fluffy girl inside me just loved this and bless Brahms’ cold porcelain heart. Though (by the by) I don’t think I’d be comfortable accepting a job after my new employees welcomed me (and I use the phrase lightly) by crying, acting generally fucking weird and whispering in my ear how ‘sorry’ they were. And of course there’s the whole looking after a doll instead of an actual kid pickle but that’s just me.

Truthfully, the film isn’t very scary at all. But it was enjoyable enough and there were a couple of semi-creepy and ‘jumpy’ scenes. I liked the mysterious tone that was set from the beginning and the twist ending Screen_Shot_2016-01-19_at_8.52.43_AM(1)which was possible to work out but important to say still well executed. Of course there’s the usual horror clichés and some of it felt reminiscent of a million other scary films. Creepy attic scene – check. Old photographs found during creepy attic scene – check. A ‘you’re only ever gonna see a storm this bad once in your lifetime’ type of storm whilst finding old photographs in attic scene – check. But we all like stuff like that right? Oh and potential romance with the handsome Mr Darcy guy who happens to be the only person living nearby – a check for that one too. The-Boy-2016-04

This is a bit spoiler-ish so skip if you’d rather not know, but the film (and indeed the mystery) never really feels supernatural. I mean clearly there’s terror afoot and something peculiar brewing in the ivy but it never, at least to me, felt like Brahms was connected to a supernatural presence. I thought the story going in a more ‘real life’ (you know what I mean) direction was actually quite good and made for a better movie with a more coherent plot than something involving Ouija boards and bad luck at the estate agents. Though from this angle the story can only really conclude in a limited number of ways so the shock twist ending does become quite apparent. And whilst I hate myself for saying something a little bit smug sounding I honestly don’t mean it like that. It was still a fun movie.

All in all The Boy isn’t groundbreaking but nor is it absolute garbage water eek I just got some on my hands. It’s entertaining, doesn’t overstay its welcome (97 minute duration) and I genuinely enjoyed the mystery surrounding Maggie, Brahms, the nutty parents, Mr Darcy and the creepy old house. Definitely watch it, but probably best to wait for Netflix.



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58 Responses to The Boy (2016)

  1. Jordan Dodd says:

    Hahaha, you found him a bit cute! That’s funny, this sounds like the sort of ‘horror’ movie that I end up laughing at because of all the silliness. Though then again you say it goes into more ‘real’ territory… I might give this a try when its streaming.

    PS – I’m transcribing the next chapter of my book. I hope to post it within the week. I need someone to remind to keep working on it, I keep getting distracted! I’ve set a goal to finish it by the end of the year…. gonna be tough I think!

    • emmakwall says:

      I can’t wait to read it! You know how bad I am at reminding you as well, I’m away with the fairies most the time haha. I’ll keep checking for when it’s posted 🙂

      This was DEFINITELY a film you end up laughing at, more than hiding behind a pillow but I don’t mind a bit of giggling! It wasn’t anything special though Jordy, nothing to rush and watch. I did find him cute! I ended up feeling sorry for him!!!!


  2. vinnieh says:

    Did I read correctly in one of your comments that you went to see The Dreamboys?

  3. vinnieh says:

    Carrying on from my last comment, I may give it a watch if nothing else is on.

  4. vinnieh says:

    Cool review Emma, though this film sounds somewhat lacking in scares.

  5. renxkyoko says:

    I’ve never really liked dolls even as a kid, so I’m sure this would freak me out.

  6. Fabulous review as always Bestie! I kind of turned up my nose at the trailer, but maybe I should try this.

  7. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for being honest about the film. I think that you were bold to invest in the Blu-Ray. Then again, I can understand that you need to treat yourself at the moment.
    I have been worrying about you all week. (Honest…) Any joy with the job-hunting? I wish that I could win the lottery tomorrow, and I would sort out all your problems. (Honest…)
    Let me know how you are, sweet Emma.
    As always, Pete. XXX + extras, xxx And a big one. X

  8. Tom says:

    Brahms IS a silly name. Thank you so much for saying what I was thinking Emma! Haha!

  9. Kevin says:

    Sheesh that looks bad. Speaking of ivy and the isolated countryside, have you seen the Radcliffe-starred The Woman in Black? I absolutely love that one, because it feels like classic horror, with tons of atmosphere and spot-on & masterfully used jump scares.

    I went to see the play in London last September and it is glorious! You have to go see it if you haven’t.

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