Films I Watched In: April

April was a pretty good month  – nine films in total. Five re-watches and four virgin sacrifices viewings. And I still managed to watch every episode of The Chase (including the celebrity re-runs on ITV4).

So I started off the month with Borat (2006). My brother came over for dinner and we planned to watch something quite constructive and solid. Buuuuut ten custard donuts later we thought fuck that shit, let’s watch Borat. And it was a great decision. Very nice!

A week later it was Friday again and I had no plans and didn’t want to spend another evening half watching TV, half playing games on my phone, half stoned and half bored. So I decided to watch An Old Favourite. And that An Old Favourite ended up being The Football Factory (2004), which I LOVE. I could never get fed up of watching it.


Something slightly more revered now – The Imitation Game (2014) the true story of Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park code breaking during WW2. I must confess I only watched this because my boyfriend wanted to watch it (and you know, I’d rather be watching stuff like Borat or The Football Factory). He loves all that kind of thing – coding, science, computers, where exactly the International Space Station is every minute of the day…


Yeah, he has to put up with that level of maturity from me pretty much all the time…


As is often the case with films you don’t choose to watch – I really enjoyed it. It was fascinating, heartbreaking and I thought Benedict Cucumberbunnypatch was SO good in it.

Despite his popularity I hadn’t really seen him in a starring role before but I definitely now get the hype. I don’t fancy him though.

So Husk (2011) was just a low rent horror movie, which I tend to enjoy. Kind of a rubbish Evil Dead meets scarecrows and corn fields. Rated 18, I expected a bit more gore (boo!) but it was entertaining and kind of creepy in places. Absolutely typical set up including a road trip, a group of friends, a girlfriend who kinda wasn’t invited but her boyfriend brought her anyway and the other guys are pissed off about it. You know.

Now You See Me (2013) was a film I wanted to see since its release so I made a point of watching it when it showed on TV. It started really well, I loved the introduction to the four magicians but it began tailing off pretty quickly after that. It was fairly entertaining but could have been a better film. I thought the CGI was naff, it cheapened the tricks and just made them seem impossible – which some of them were. And the twist at the end was ludicrous! There’s a fine line between ‘surprising the audience’ and actually being in cloud cuckoo land.


And does Jesse Eisenberg actually have “I must play an arrogant, smug dick at all times” written into his contract?

Now for something we hope you’ll really like – Planet Terror & Death Proof aka Grindhouse (2007) – which I watched mainly because I reviewed the Death Proof soundtrack (here).

Both films are great. I think Death Proof has more re-watch-ability than Planet Terror but the latter is more my kind of mad, insane movie (plus Bruce Willis is in it – legend). Because I’ve droned on like a good’un about both films before let’s skip all that and just click here to watch the awesome fake trailers. My favourite is ‘Don’t’ because it stars loads of British actors – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Mark Gatiss, Lee Inglby, Rafe Spall etc etc. No surprises its directed by Edgar Wright!

Now I’m such a loser I didn’t even know they’d made another American Pie movie called American Reunion. An actual proper American Pie movie, not one of those silly cash-in ones that didn’t star any of the original cast.

I’m not really a huge fan of the American Pie movies, apart from Stifler and maybe the one who shags his mum, I don’t find the characters memorable and as comedy franchises go, they’re hardly the best. But they are ‘feel good’ and as Darren and I were saying the other day, they’re films from our youth and nostalgia can go a looooong way.

The ‘Reunion’ wasn’t anything special, at all. The usual spiel with ‘sexy’ scenes and embarrassing situations but this time they were old, awww. But it was okay to watch once and I do have a soft spot for The Stifmeister (and Willow from Buffy obvs).

And last but never least I watched Pulp Fiction (1994) – again! It was on TV (again) and guess what – I bloody enjoyed it again.


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65 Responses to Films I Watched In: April

  1. I think you are the only woman I’ve ever known who likes Pulp Fiction. That is so awesome!!

  2. Natasha says:

    Wow!! So many sacrifices!
    I sometimes feel like Benny is like fine art. Obviously expensive, classy and nice to look at, but possibly not always for me. But he has so much talent!
    Lol for your boyfriend watching the serious things all the time – I also love happy movies more often than not.
    And yaaaay for another pulp fiction watch!! Yaaay

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, that is such a brilliant analogy! Benny is….fine art 🙂 undeniable status and talent but……not for everyone. I love that Natasha!

      I had to beg my boyfriend (literally beg him) just to let me watch the Britain’s Got Talent final on Saturday, he’s such a killjoy lol!!

      Yay indeed Pulp Fiction! 🙂

  3. Some good films in there!

  4. football Factory is probably one of the best of ‘those’ types of British movies

    • emmakwall says:

      THE best! It’s such a great film, it won’t be for everyone (fair enough) but it’s a great film none the less. Shame Nick Love’s made more crap films than good films now….

  5. badblokebob says:

    I think Jesse Eisenberg just is a smug dick — that interview from a few years ago comes to mind, where the interviewer asked a slightly daft question and he tore her a new one, and for some reason the internet all seemed to be on his side when really he was just being a prick. Ugh.

    I still like everything I’ve seen him in, though.

  6. vinnieh says:

    Haven’t seen The Football Factory in absolutely ages.

  7. Zoë says:

    Nice work here Em! Ugh, I have to say I intensely dislike Sacha Baron Cohen, so I skip his wrk to preserve my sanity. I have to. Of course you loved Pulp Fiction again xD Winning film. I haven’t seen The Football Factory in yonks, but I remember enjoying it when I did see it. Cumberbatch is a great actor. I was not a fan of Now You See Me. There was just way too much that pissed me off, and it had so much potential!

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha that’s cool Zoe 🙂 I kind of fancy him sometimes…..NOT when he’s dressed as any of his characters I must say! Ah The Football Factory is such a great film! It won’t be for everyone but I love the dialogue and the characters, great soundtrack too! 🙂 Now You See Me was SO ridiculous!!!!! A great idea ruined lol.

  8. movierob says:

    seen 6 of ur 9, not bad for me this time 🙂

    how does one get half stoned?

  9. Haha! How great was The Imitation Game?

  10. Jordan Dodd says:

    Hehehe, great post Em! Football Factory is a bloody great film, I saw it ages ago and need to see it again.

    As for The Imitation Game, I didn’t really like it. Cumberbatch or whatever his bloody name is was good, but it annoyed me that there were jokes that poked fun at his inept social abilities, which was due to his autism. Its veeeery rare that I get ‘offended’ and I wouldn’t say it offended me, but I have a lot of friends with autism and it really annoyed me that his awkward nature was the butt of a few jokes. Other than that I found it completely forgettable, I think I actually fell asleep in the cinema! 😛

    • emmakwall says:

      It’s SO good isn’t it! I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve watched it haha 🙂 I find Nick Love such a hit and miss director but this is definitely his best movie 🙂

      I’m sorry you found The Imitation Game offensive! Or not, but you know what I mean lol 😦 I honestly can’t remember any bits that took the mickey out of him but I’ll take your word for it. I found it interesting and enjoyed it a lot but not one I’d re-watch particularly. I’m going to Bletchley Park museum in the summer to find out more! It’s not too far from me 🙂

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