Opinion Battles Round 19 – Favourite Romantic Comedy

Opinion Battles Round 19 – Favourite Rom Com

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Round 19

Favourite Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedies have become the go to date movie where we get to see how people go about getting into relationships. We have had some of the most iconic storylines in recent years and decades with people being able to relate to certain characters involved in the films and this is why they are so popular. Today we are going to be picking our favourites out there, so let’s see what we got.

If you want to take part in the next round of Opinion Battles the subject will be Favourite Clive Owen role which I know is a very small selection but we could get some strange choices. The deadline for this choice is 1st October 2016 and email your choices to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

500 Days of Summersummer

500 Days of Summer is not a love story…

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15 Responses to Opinion Battles Round 19 – Favourite Romantic Comedy

  1. vinnieh says:

    I do like Pretty Woman and Love Actually.

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  2. Jay says:

    Lots of worthy choices. Love Actually and 500 Days of Summer are particular favourites, but after TIFF, Blue Jay may have replaced them all.

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    • emmakwall says:

      Ooh, I need to watch Blue Jay 🙂 I’ve not seen 500 Days of Summer either but promised Darren I’ll watch it soon! Love Actually is like a big mug of hot chocolate. It’s impossible not to enjoy!


  3. beetleypete says:

    I voted for your suggestion of Love Actually from the choices available, because it’s British! I might have chosen Bridget Jones Diary though, but nobody nominated it.
    (Thanks for the re-tweets, and for catching up on my blog posts…)
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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    • emmakwall says:

      That’s another good one, agreed! Love Actually is so nice isn’t it, it’s about the only rom com I have on DVD and actually look forward to watching! You’re very welcome Pete 🙂 xxx


  4. Kevin says:

    Might need to check out your pick, don’t remember having seen it.

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